Now a days everything and we mean everything is online. Shopping and commerce and trading are just a few things you can do on the web. Why not make your service and/or company work its web magic for you?Creating a storefront is just the first step of getting your company connected.

However, the site and your customer needs are more important than just showcasing your company online. The portal is for your customers after all.Lets take an example: Online shopping seems like one of the easiest sites to maintain. However the site is not just an online store, but its also an online service centre.

Yahoo offers you simple cataloguing and sales programs. But there is more to a building and maintaining the store than the actual sale.Point Internet specializes in designing portals and E-commerce sites keeping your customer in mind. We make online shopping a complete experience right from when your customer places an order. We help you build a relationship with your customers and our experience design solutions include designing interfaces for:

  • Ease of use, consistent navigation and scalability

  • Ease of Ordering and Tracking

  • Customer Information Management Systems

  • Transaction (shopping cart) Systems