Social Networking Website 

Social Networking Website

Small level of social networking website for which we are having solution below and it will cover small level features like as mentioned below We will use Social Engine from this website. ( You need to pay cost USD 299 )

In addition doing custom design and integration cost and other feature cost as mentioned below

> Customized Home page layout design
> Integration of the Home page layout design with the paid script of social

networking ( social engine ) which has the following features by default

> User Registration form with standard fields ( name, email, password )
> User Login page ( username, password )
> Forget password, which sends the password reminder to the email on the database.
> Profile Page which will show basic user information about the registered user.
> See the list of friends to which the user is connected.
> A registered user is able to view the complete profile of the other user, and the friends who are connected.
> A registered user can add another registered user as friend ( on approval by the other person gets added to the friends list )
> Ability to edit one's profile.
> Ability by the admin to add / modify / delete contents of static pages like ( about us page, terms and condition page
> Ability by the admin to view all the registered users profiles, delete or disable someone.