Web Development 

Web Development

  • Website Designing
    Website Designing

    Today, all businesses no matter how small or large, need to have a website. And not just any website — but, a professionally designed website that will increase visibility, promote awareness & establish credibility of your brand! Further, web design isn't just about "the look" and it's equally about functionality & ease of use.

    Any website designer will obviously take into account the branding & identity of your company, but a qualified & experienced web designer will also know about the development after the images have left the drawing board and ultimately lead to a functioning & usable website on the World Wide Web. Point Internet Services Experts is a one stop web design company with capabilities in all aspects of web design including graphics, programming, usability, flash, animation etc so you can be sure that we will take care of everything for you and not just "the look".We understand that good design is "Subjective" and we also understand that you might have doubts about whether we'll be able to design well and upto your likings or not.

    Need a Website Designed Quickly & Don't want to Spend Much?
    Our custom website design services are most suited for clients who can’t compromise on quality of design and want their website to stand out from the crowd. Custom website design does not use any templates and everything is custom designed as per your likings. However, if you need a website designed quickly and don’t want to spend much, then please checkout our Low Cost Web Design Services which would be better suited for you.

    Communicative Design :
    Design is not just about looking good. Or about vivid colors' and elegant shapes. It's about communicating. It's about direction. A strategy. A vision.

    Point Internet Services, our graphic, web, flash designers and developers let the functions & designs speak. It speaks the voice of the brand. It speaks the language of its audience. It breaks free of the noise around.

    As a branding tool, communicative design is indispensable. Be it a logo, a website, a brochure, a presentation or packaging, just design per se is insufficient for the task. Each requires research, insight and understanding of a brand's soul and its environment.

    And with years of expertise in the art and science of communicative design, you can count on us for media neutral solutions that stimulate and engage the senses & induces high brand recall.

    Web presence is a must in today's economy and it offers the ability to update and change content at a nominal cost compared to printed material. A successful web site is not about "coding" or "fancy design". It's about marketing, increasing sales and maximizing brand equity.

    A successful web site needs to be handcrafted by a team consisting of creative professionals, marketing minds, graphic designers and programmers. The content and imagery should clearly display the benefits of your services in a crisp, clean and attractive format, with an easy to use navigation system. Depending upon your needs, a site can include content management, Flash animation, interactivity, and e-commerce.

    Here is a brief overview of our process:

    * Identify all business categories from the customer's perspective.

    * Review, analyze, optimize sales process

    * Analyze current brand, discuss new message

    * Define and create marketing message

    * Create and design graphic theme

    * Creative Copywriting

    * Design and create templates

    * Code and test approved site design

    * Optimize web site for search engines

    * Build in CMS or web maintenance program

    One way to achieve this goal is by carefully organizing a "design hierarchy" or "drill down" for your site, breaking down each page into concise sections and arranging them in order of importance, so that users can find what they want more easily. consistent nomenclature and iconography are equally as important.

    Point Internet Service's team of professionals in the areas of design, marketing and programming will give your company a Web site that helps increase your revenues and please your audiences.

    Please view our portfolio to see examples of clients that have entrusted Point Internet Service to help them build their Internet presence.

  • Cms Website Development
    Cms Website Development

    A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that allows you to edit or update your existing static site along with dated information easily helps you manage your web site's content, link pages and control how the pages will look, without requiring any HTML knowledge.

    A CMS is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to maintain your Website. You can Convert all your current static pages to dynamic pages, ability to manage content via WYSIWYG Text Editor, adding, editing or updating website content instantly and adding custom graphics and images to content easily.

    It helps you to create, edit, and publish the content on a web site without any complicated technical procedure. By using CMS, anyone can learn how to manage and maintain a world-class website. CMS has many remarkable features that help you realize your website's full potential.


    > 100% browser-based
    > Template driven Web pages
    > Ability to quickly change the look and feel of site
    > Multi-language


    > Rich text WYSIWYG editing (Microsoft Word like editor)
    > Dynamically add/remove menus and sub-menus
    > Preview mode


    > Content scheduling/expiration
    > Backup and Restore of the complete site
    > Database Driven Content
    > Meta Data Creation / Management or Better search Results


    > Site Search
    > Printer Friendly page
    > Tell a Friend
    > PDF version of the page
    > Site Map


    > Flexible multi-level approval workflow
    > Approval based publishing


    > Cross platform (WinNT/2000,Linux,Solaris)


    > Allow user registration
    > Show/Hide Unauthorized Links
    > Email New User Password


    > Number of users online
    > Logging of search strings
    > Visitor's Browser type
    > Most viewed pages
    > Most searched words


    > Mailing List manager
    > Image/Product Gallery
    > Shopping Cart
    > Banner Management
    > News Flashes
    > Polls
    > FAQ Manager
    > Contact Manager to manage your contact information
    > CRM/E mail support Software

  • E-Commerce

    Now a days everything and we mean everything is online. Shopping and commerce and trading are just a few things you can do on the web. Why not make your service and/or company work its web magic for you?Creating a storefront is just the first step of getting your company connected.

    However, the site and your customer needs are more important than just showcasing your company online. The portal is for your customers after all.Lets take an example: Online shopping seems like one of the easiest sites to maintain. However the site is not just an online store, but its also an online service centre.

    Yahoo offers you simple cataloguing and sales programs. But there is more to a building and maintaining the store than the actual sale.Point Internet specializes in designing portals and E-commerce sites keeping your customer in mind. We make online shopping a complete experience right from when your customer places an order. We help you build a relationship with your customers and our experience design solutions include designing interfaces for:

    • Ease of use, consistent navigation and scalability

    • Ease of Ordering and Tracking

    • Customer Information Management Systems

    • Transaction (shopping cart) Systems
  • Real Estate Website
    Real Estate Website

    User Front end Functionality

    > Custom Design Homepage Layout as per needs
    > Up to 5/7 static informative pages like Why Rent with us?, Why Sell with Us?, Contact Us - Contents to be changes from the admin

    Current For Sale Properties and Current Rental Properties section:

    > The listing pages of both above will show Title, small description, thumbnail image of property, showing price and the map
    > User can click on view details button to get more details about the property
    > On Property details page user will get more information like
    > Multiple Pictures of the Property
    > Detailed description of the property
    > Small inquiry form to inquire about this Property which on filling up stored to the admin as well as email to admin
    > Google Map View

    Admin Section

    > Admin can able to add properties
    > Admin would have to add all the information as mentioned above in user front end u
    > Admin can add pictures and other information as mentioned in above user front ends for Current For Sale Properties and Current Rental Properties section
    > Admin can able to add/modify/delete the contents area of informative pages

  • Social Networking Website
    Social Networking Website

    Small level of social networking website for which we are having solution below and it will cover small level features like as mentioned below We will use Social Engine from this website. ( You need to pay cost USD 299 )

    In addition doing custom design and integration cost and other feature cost as mentioned below

    > Customized Home page layout design
    > Integration of the Home page layout design with the paid script of social

    networking ( social engine ) which has the following features by default

    > User Registration form with standard fields ( name, email, password )
    > User Login page ( username, password )
    > Forget password, which sends the password reminder to the email on the database.
    > Profile Page which will show basic user information about the registered user.
    > See the list of friends to which the user is connected.
    > A registered user is able to view the complete profile of the other user, and the friends who are connected.
    > A registered user can add another registered user as friend ( on approval by the other person gets added to the friends list )
    > Ability to edit one's profile.
    > Ability by the admin to add / modify / delete contents of static pages like ( about us page, terms and condition page
    > Ability by the admin to view all the registered users profiles, delete or disable someone.

  • Custom Application
    Custom Application

    Why Custom Application Development PHP is preferred the most ?

    > Php is an open source hence saves you a lot of licensing cost.
    > Php works best on a Linux based web servers or cloud, which 90% of the web servers are Linux based today
    > Php gets integrated best with MySql database, which is also an open source.
    > Popular Social networking website facebook.com is made using php
    > Easy Deployment process
    > Continuous Upgrades for functionality or design enhancement is much faster then compared to other technologies.
    > Open Source technologies has a huge community support for any kind of updates, bugs etc.
    > Supports multiple web servers ( can work on a Windows server having Apache as well as on Linux )
    > Its easy to learn and work on.

    Various Custom Projects we do are like :

    > Custom Ecommerce Website Development
    > Custom Ecommerce Module Development for Prestashop, Zencart, Oscommerce or Magento.
    > Customized Changes in wordpress based website.
    > Custom Plugin / Module development for wordpress
    > Customized ERP Application development
    > Customized Back-office Application
    > Customized Intranet website
    > Customized CRM / CMS Application development
    > Custom Order Capturing Module
    > Custom Artificial Intelligence Modules
    > Custom Ajax Module Development
    > Customize development in MVC Framework
    > Customized Portal Development
    > Customized Classified website
    > Third Party API Integration
    > Customized Content Management Systems
    > Infact Anything that requires customization to an existing system, or creating a completely new customized solution.

  • Wordpress Development
    Wordpress Development

    Present generation needs everything new. The case is not different for websites. People love and like updated websites. WordPress is the only effective software or tool which helps you to change the appearance of your website within minutes. We at Point Internet (involved in wordpress development in india ) provide excellent Wordpress applications for your websites to gift it a strong online presence. Point Internet follows a scientific and systematic method of WordPress development to assure maximum benefits for your project. Wordpress customisation (based from office in India) to suit the client requirements is the key to our success.

    When the first step becomes the best it gives you the right result. Point Internet analyzes the theme structure for your website with header, footer sidebars and other features to be integrated. Our WordPress experts use WordPress frame to design and develop themes. Our custom WordPress development programs customizes WordPress theme to suit the unique needs of your project. From the initial to final touch of WordPress development our designers and developers put something different in your WordPress application to keep your website apart from the competition with large volumes of potential clients. Point Internet invites you to enjoy the real professionalism and dedication in the WordPress development. We assure WordPress development which really works for your website. And we have a good team of wordpress developers based in India to provide you service.

  • Prestashop Development
    Prestashop Development

    Prestashop is an open source ecommerce software that uses the Zend Framework. It is very effective in delivering a shopping cart development solution. There are many ways to build an ecommerce website. For example it is possible to do so using a framework of your own like CodeIgniter or Cakephp. There are also several other open source softwares available like Zen Cart and osCommerce which have been around for a lot longer than Prestashop. However highlights about Prestashop are as below:

    > Prestashop includes many features to start with. Many other shopping carts require additional modules to be installed. It is not so in Prestashop. Prestashop has several of the main modules pre-installed with feature to install more.
    > Prestashop offers standard payment gateway options.
    > There are also many shipping options available.
    > Prestashop has also streamlined product data entry making it easier to enter products.

    Prestashop is the choice to make and you need not go any further for help with your project. Choose for Point Internet as a Prestashop web development company for your e-commerce shopping cart solution.

    Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools

    > Related products, up-sells and cross-sells
    > Catalog promotional pricing with the ability to restrict to stores, categories or products
    > Flexible coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories
    > Generate a set of unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes for off line distribution, email, > newsletters and more. Easily manage and monitor coupon usage and generate detailed reports
    > Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts
    > Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
    > Landing page tool for categories
    > Customer groups
    > Product bundles
    > Recently viewed and compared products
    > New items promotional tool
    > Persistent shopping cart
    > Google Website Optimizer integration for A/B and multivariate testing
    > Free shipping options
    > Polls
    > Newsletter management
    > Send to a friend for all visitors or registered users only
    > Send wish lists by email

    Search Engine Optimization

    > 100% search engine friendly
    > Google Site Map
    > Search engine friendly URL’s
    > URL rewrites give full control of URL’s
    > Google Content API for shopping
    > Meta-information for products, categories and content pages
    > Auto-generated site map for display on site
    > Auto-generated popular search terms page

    Site Management

    > Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with the ability to share as much or as little information as needed
    > Administration permission system roles and users
    > Fully 100% customizable design using templates
    > Support for multiple languages and currencies.
    > Web Services API for easy integration between Prestashop and third-party applications
    > Batch import and export of catalog and customer information
    > Content Management System for informational and landing pages
    > Tax rates per location, product type or customer group (i.e. wholesale vs. retailer)
    > CAPTCHA functionality to help prevent automated software from attempting fake logins. This auto-generated test ensures that the login is being attempted by a person and can be enabled in both the admin and customer login areas Catalog Management
    > Simple, configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), bundled and grouped products
    > Create different price points for different customer groups, such as wholesalers and retailers
    > Virtual products
    > Down loadable/digital products with samples
    > Unlimited product attributes
    > Attribute sets for quick product creation of different item types
    > Inventory management with back ordered items, minimum and maximum quantities
    > Batch updates to products in admin panel
    > Automatic image resizing and watermarking
    > Advanced pricing rules and support for special prices
    > Search results rewrites and redirects
    > Moderated product tags and reviews
    > Customer personalized products – ability to upload images and text (i.e. for embroidery, monogramming, etc.)
    > Customer sorting – define attributes for customer sorting on category (price, brand, etc.)
    > RSS feed for low inventory alerts

    Catalog Browsing

    > Layered / faceted navigation for filtering of products in categories and search results - Filter products by price and display a range of prices based on even increments or by a similar number of products within each range
    > Static block tool to create category landing pages
    > Product comparisons with history
    > Configurable search with auto-suggested terms
    > Breadcrumbs
    > Ability to assign designs within category and product level (unique design per product/category)
    > Recently viewed products
    > Popular search terms cloud
    > Product listing in grid or list format

    Product Browsing

    > Multiple images per product
    > Product image zoom-in capability
    > Related products
    > Stock availability
    > Multi-tier pricing up sell
    > Product option selection
    > Grouped products view
    > Add to wish list
    > Send to a friend with email
    > Share on Facebook

    Checkout, Payment and Shipping

    > One-page checkout
    > Guest checkout and checkout with account to use address book
    > Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
    > Option for account creation at beginning of checkout
    > SSL security support for orders on both front end and back-end
    > Saved shopping cart
    > Accept gift messages per order and per item
    > Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates
    > Saved credit card method for off line payments
    > Configurable to authorize and charge, or authorize only and charge on creation of invoices
    > Integration with Amazon Payments
    > Integration with multiple PayPal gateways
    > Integration with Authorize.net
    > Integration with Google Checkout (Level 2)
    > Accept checks/money orders
    > Accept purchase orders
    > Additional payment extensions available through Prestashop Connect
    > Shipping integration with label printing - view, edit, print labels for all major carriers
    > Integrated for real-time shipping rates from:
    > - UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL
    > Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method
    > Flat rate shipping per order or item
    > Free shipping
    > Table rates for weight, sub-total, destination and number of items
    > On-site order tracking from customer accounts

    Order Management

    > View, edit, create and fulfill orders from the admin panel
    > Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment
    > Print invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
    > Call center (phone) order creation - provides transparent control for administrators and front-end enhancements for customers during the shopping process. Changing product configurations, for all types of products, can be done by the call center sale representative on the admin side as well as by the customer throughout the shopping process. Custom product choices and configurations can be changed directly during order creation, in the wish list and the shopping cart
    > Includes the ability to create new customers, or select existing customers and view their shopping cart, wish list, last ordered items, and compared products lists, as well as select addresses, give discounts and assign
    > custom prices
    > Assisted Shopping - customer service representatives and other admin users are able to manage products and coupons in customers’ shopping carts and wish lists through the administrator panel
    > Customized Order Status - tracking an order is easier than ever with customizable order statuses
    - easily assigned to order states. A predefined list of order states (ex. new, processing, payment review, complete) represents the order processing workflow. An order status is assigned as a sub-category of the order state (ex. cancelled, complete, decline)
    > Create re-orders for customers from the administration panel
    > Email notifications of orders
    > RSS feed of new orders

    Customer Accounts

    > Account dashboard
    > Address book with unlimited addresses
    > Wish list with ability to add comments
    > Order status and history
    > Re-orders from account
    > Recently ordered items
    > Default billing and shipping addresses
    > Email or send RSS feed of wish list
    > Newsletter subscription management
    > Product reviews submitted
    > Product tags submitted
    > Downloadable/digital products

    Customer Service

    > Contact Us form
    > Create and edit orders from the admin panel
    > Feature-rich customer accounts
    > Order history with status updates
    > Order tracking from account
    > Password reset email from front-end and admin panel
    > Order and account update emails
    > Customizable transactional emails

    International Support

    > Support for localization, multiple currencies and tax rates
    > Includes support for WEEE/DEEE in EU
    > Support for accented characters and right to left text
    > Configurable list of allowed countries for:
    > Site registration
    > Shipping destination addresses with ability to specify per shipping method
    > Billing addresses with ability to specify per payment method
    > European Union VAT-ID validation facilitates the tax collection process by automatically applying the correct tax rules according to VAT customer groups
    > EU cookie notification simplifies the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive compliance process by displaying an opt-in message at the top of the storefront

    Analytics and Reporting

    > Integrated with Google Analytics
    > Admin dashboard for report overview
    > Sales report
    > Tax report
    > Abandoned shopping cart report
    > Best viewed products report
    > Best purchased products report
    > Low stock report
    > Search terms report
    > Product reviews report
    > Tags report
    > Coupon usage report
    > Total sales invoiced
    > Total sales refunded